Judgment Recovery: How To Garnish Wages.

If your judgment debtor is a wage earner, most states allow wage garnishments as a remedy to satisfy your judgment. Typically you are allowed to attach up to 25% of the debtor’s wages.

In most cases you'll find it easier to locate a debtor's place of employment as opposed to finding their bank accounts or other monetary assets.

The following criteria must be met in order to garnish a judgment debtor's wages:

The debtor must receive a regular wage and not be self employed.
The debtor's wage must be above poverty level.
No other wage garnishments may be in effect, unless you are garnishing the debtor for child or alimony support.
The debtor does not file for bankruptcy, claim hardship, or terminate his employment.

The execution of a wage garnishment is similar to a bank levy. The levying officer serves the debtor's employer with a writ of garnishment. The employer then begins withholding 25% of the debtor's wages and forwards the money to the court. The court then sends you a check in the mail.

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