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Business Article Submission Center welcomes article contributions from all business professionals, whether you operate online or offline. 

The site is designed to be an Internet library of content and resources relating to business.

To that goal we actively seek out new and informative content from cutting edge professionals from all walks of business.

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We are looking for innovative and insightful content covering all topics relating to business. If you feel that you have what it takes then we want to hear from you.

For your article to be included on the web site the following criteria must be satisfied.

You must allow for a reciprocal article insertion on your web site, or email newsletter.  You will have your choice of articles relating to your specific business and readership interest.  Further details will be disclosed if your article is selected.
The article must be submitted as an HTML to be considered for inclusion.
Judgment Processing has the right to alter the layout and formatting of the article to fit the page style of the site.  The article text and links will not be altered; only the formatting and layout of the article will be edited to make it aesthetically compatible with the theme of the web site.
All professional and/or company information and product descriptions will be included in the signature of the article. This section will be limited to 7 lines of single space text and hyperlinks and cannot contain graphics or special formatting. 
The content of your article must be informative and pertinent to business.  Personal product endorsements are not encouraged, but will be accepted if it is considered relevant to the subject matter and presented in an impartial way.

Final inclusion of all articles will be based on the discretion of the editor. The information is provided as a guideline of how your articles will be reviewed for possible acceptance as a judgment processing resource. If you have any further questions please click here.

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