Judgment Recovery: How To Protect Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy from debtors is something every judgment recovery consultant is concerned about. Being stalked by an angry debtor after you've garnished him is something none of us want to experience.
Fortunately there are simple precautions steps you can take to ensure your privacy will not be compromised. Here are my personal recommendations:
Get a P.O. Box or a mail receiving service. Keep in mind that  any documents or correspondence you mail to the court house or the levying officer (sheriff, marshal, process server) becomes part of the case file. The case file is public record and can be accessed by the judgment debtor.
To keep your personal or business address off public records obtain a P.O. Box. Better yet, get a mail receiving service like The UPS Store. You may pay a little extra, but they provide additional services and you have 24 hour a day access to your mail box.
Obtain a voicemail service with a telephone number that does not ring into your home. Use this for any correspondence that requires a phone number. For this you could also use your cell phone.
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Mike O'Connor
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