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Judgment Recovery: Do You Need A License To Collect Judgments?

One of the most common questions I'm asked regarding judgment recovery is "Do you need a license to collect judgments?" My answer is "It depends." Doesn't it always?
Here's the rule of thumb. If you purchase the judgment you then have the same legal rights as the original judgment holder. Therefore no license would be required to enforce the judgment.
However, if you do not purchase the judgment  then you'd be operating as a 3rd party collector, and a collection agency license would be necessary to collect the judgment.
The rules vary from state to state. Some states do not recognize assignments at all, claiming this to be The Unauthorized Practice Of Law. For a definitive answer, the best place to start would be to check the 'Code Of Procedures' for judgment recovery.
Typically you can find the Code Of Procedures at your  library and for sure at a law library at a local court house.
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Mike O'Connor

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