Judgment Recovery: Why You Should Hire A  Process Server To Serve Your  Bank Levies.
I'm going to get straight to the point in this article. If you're going to levy a judgment debtor's bank account, always hire a process server. Yes a process server will cost more, but it's worth it.
You see, when you hire the sheriff to serve your levies, you're on their time schedule.
The have no interest in the success or failure of your garnishment. They simply work for the county and do their job.
However, when you're levying a bank account, timing is everything.
You'll find that most people have the highest bank account balance just after the 1st and the 15th of the month.
It's critical that your levy is served very close to this time. It will help ensure that the maximum amount of funds will be attached.
With a good process server, you can call them with just a 24 hour notice and get your bank levy served on time. This alone can have a huge impact on your success.
All the best,
Mike O'Connor
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