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Judgment Recovery Explained.


How do I make money in judgment recovery?
A.) You make money by contacting judgment holders and offering to collect their judgment for them. Judgments are assignable, meaning they can be bought and sold similar to other negotiable instruments.
Once a judgment is assigned to you, then have the same legal rights as the original judgment holder. This allows you to use the court system to enforce collection of the judgment.
Q.) I've read that the court system doesn't exactly help the judgment holder collect their judgment. If so, how can I use the court to enforce the judgment if they offer no assistance?
A.) Yes, it's true. The court does not assist the judgment holder in collecting their judgment per say. The court house is by no means a collection agency. However, if you know where the debtors assets are located or where he works it's an entirely different story.
Once this information is discovered you can enlist the service of the court to garnish the debtor's wages and other assets that have been discovered.
Q.) How can I get the court to enforce the judgment once I know where the debtor works or where his assets are located?
A.) This is actually the easy part. For example, once you've verified where the debtor is working or where he banks you instruct the levying officer at the court house (sheriff, marshal, constable etc.) to garnish the debtors wages and assets.
Q.) If this is so easy, why doesn't the original judgment holder do it himself?
A.) Herein lies the reason why over 80% of all judgments are never collected. The average judgment holder has no idea how to locate the debtors assets or place of employment. Without this information, there's virtually no way to effectively enforce a judgment.
Q.) Why doesn't the judgment holder hire an attorney to collect the judgment for him.
A.) The cost is prohibitive. Most attorney's charge a large upfront retainer, plus additional fees depending on the case.
Q.) Okay, so how do you locate the debtor, his assets and place of employment?
A.) Finding a debtor and his assets is a skill called skip-tracing. It involves researching and leveraging specific databases to gain the information.

With the advent of the internet, with it's free resources and instant information, skip-tracing is much easier now than it was just a few years ago.

In my
professional judgment recovery course I explain step-by-step how to use the internet and other resources to locate assets.
Q.) On average how much can you realistically earn in 1 year processing judgments?
A.) It depends. Doesn't everything? But if you enjoy online research and are good at 'thinking outside the box', you'd probably do very well in judgment recovery. However, there's no way I can accurately predict how much you can earn.
Still, I do know several people earning a strong six figure income working from home in this fascinating profession.
Q.) Do I ever have to meet the debtor in order to enforce the judgment?
A.) No you don't. There's no need. You're not operating a collection agency. There's no need to call or write to the debtor. You simply locate the debtors assets and place of employment. Once you've accomplished this, you then instruct the levying officer to garnish the  assets.
Q.) What's the most difficult aspect of the business?
A.) Every case is unique. The most important thing to remember is that not all judgments are collectible. Some judgment debtors are very savvy and have taken extreme measures to become judgment proof. Other's just don't have anything to garnish or levy.
It's your job to pursue judgments with the highest probability of being collectible. That's the biggest challenge. The good news is that it's not a difficult one to master.
In my course How To Make Real Money In The Judgment Recovery Business I explain from A to Z how to make a phenomenal income in this fascinating business.
Q.) How can I tell for sure if judgment recovery is the right work at home business for me.
A.) The best way to determine if you and judgment recovery are a good match is simply to take my free training course. Just complete the form below and download  "How To Turn Judgments Into Cash".

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