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Judgment Recovery: How To Drive A Stampede Of Clients To Your Business.

 Okay, so you're in business. You've laid the groundwork and everything is in place.
 Now, all you need are clients and you can start making money. So what's the most effective way to get clients fast?
The nice thing about the judgment recovery business is that you have a niche market. It's very definable.
Even better, all your potential clients are conveniently located in one central location...the local court house. You can just drive down there and start looking at files... right?
I agree that the court house is an excellent place to start. You can look through the case files for clients and pick up forms, but we rarely visit the court house anymore.
Over the years we've developed even more effective ways to acquire clients. It requires less effort, frees up our time, and  often helps us develop key business relationships.
After only a short time in business we realized that the majority of out clients were either landlords or attorneys. The landlords were chasing former tenants who they'd sued over broken leases.
The attorneys were trying to collect on judgments they'd won for their clients or themselves.
So what we did was mail out a one page letter to 250 attorney's and 250 property management companies. The response to the mailing was phenomenal!
We sign up close to 40 clients from that one mailing alone. Almost immediately we had a huge influx of new judgments to collect... all without going to the court house to look for leads.
Bottom line: It works! So give a try and watch your business grow!
All the best,

Mike O'Connor

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