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Judgment Recovery: How To Schmooze Court Clerks.

Over the last 2 decades I've visited every court house in Los Angeles county and several in the surrounding counties. For the most part, all of the court clerks have been easy to work with.
 However, I have met a few that were less than memorable.
In any event, the court house is still a good way to obtain judgments to collect. This is especially true if you have a court house nearby.
Therefore I'd like to give you a few tips on how to make your visits as productive as possible.
Mail the court a letter of introduction - Prior to visiting the court house, you should to introduce yourself and your business to the court clerk supervisor. This needs to be done in writing.
First, contact the court house and obtain the name of the appropriate supervisor to send the letter to. Your correspondence should be typed on company letterhead
All the best,

Mike O'Connor

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